North East Assemblies Ltd produce precision turned/milled components from 3mm up to 63.5mm diameter using magazine bar feeds and 300mm diameter billets using Sliding Head, Twin Spindle or Multi Axis Fixed Head machines.
Operating to high quality standards in specialist and general engineering sectors, we are able to offer the complete manufacture of your components and finishing processes.

We produce large and small batch sizes for a wide range of companies and industrial sectors using a variety of materials from plastics to exotic materials.
We manufacture complex components with flats, hexagons, cross holes slots and internal threads in a single operation with the aid of our 10 and 12 axis machines giving a better quality product and substantial cost reductions over traditional multi operation production.

We offer

  • Complex Shaft work with secondary operations such as cross drilling, tapping, milling.
  • Long Components of up to 32mm diameter can be produced to a length of 920mm
  • Long Components of up to 16mm diameter can be produced to a length of 600mm
  • Barfed components up to 80mm diameter.
  • Billets used to produce parts up to 300mm diameter
  • Quality CNC turning using Sliding Head, Twin Spindle and Multi Axis Fixed Head machines
  • Milling/Machining Capacity on Twin Table Machining Centres
  • Milling/Turning Capacity on New Mazak J200s Integrex
  • Milling/Turning Capacity on Mazak Hyperquadrex
  • Full traceability BS EN ISO 9001:2015 accreditation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Production machining running 24/7
  • Efficient service
  • Produced from either drawing or sample
  • Component Washing Facility on site
  • Deburring/Polishing facilities on site
  • Rework undertaken
  • Modifications undertaken
  • Plating
  • Anodising
  • Heat Treatment
  • Other surface finishes provided